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While online ministry can function in times of trial, it is never the same as in person. Our faith is one built on a God who became flesh - and as such there is an incarnate aspect to our faith. Below you will find the plans as well as the health and safety protocols for any in person ministry we do. Based on directives from the Archdiocese, Governments, or Health Care providers we are prepared to move to online models as quickly as possible. For your information, these are our protocols as well as the self-screening questions. Please direct all questions and concerns to

Life Teen Model (as of October 9th, 2020): - SUBJECT TO CHANGE

Life Teen Online to start followed by small group ministries. Nights with everyone gathered for Adoration in consideration.

 While nightly reservations are no longer needed, please register so we can email updates and drop of prizes/gifts/fun things!

Protocols when in person:

·       REGISTRATION IS REQUIRED TO ATTEND LIFE TEEN! Link to register can be found here: Life Teen 2020/2021 Registration

·        We ask you to "reserve" a spot at the Life Night to ensure numbers are within provincial requirements. Reservation link can be found here: Life Teen Kick-Off (October 17th) Spot Reservation

·        Life Teen will be done with less than 50 people on site and primarily in small groups

·        We ask you to pre-screen before coming to Life Teen. Screening can be found here: Screening questions

·        Masks are mandatory

·        Following mass any teens will be moved into the Hall so that the church can be cleaned

·        Dinner will not be provided

·        If you are staying after mass, you may bring a packed lunch which you may eat in the hall while remaining sitting.

·        If you did not attend mass, please arrive around 6:50 PM

·        Upon entering the building, Life Teen participants will be requested to use one of the provided hand sanitizer stations.

·        Each participant will have a marked place in the Church proper and Hall which is 2 meters away from all other participants. This is where they will spend the different portions of the night.

·        Majority of the night will be spent in small groups (12 or less)

·        Games have been designed to function from a distance and without shared equipment. In cases where shared equipment is required, the equipment will be sanitized in between each participant.

·        Participants will be encouraged to use sanitizer after making contact with any equipment

·        Transitions between spaces will be minimized and in cases where a transition is necessary, volunteers will organize the participants so that they are adequately separated (2 metres) during the transition.

·        Water will not be provided. We ask that the participants come with their own water bottles.

·        If a snack is to be provided it will be an individually wrapped product which will only be touched by the participant, or a pre-packaged snack prepared by a volunteer wearing gloves, a mask, and following food and safety guidelines.

·        Washrooms are available for urgent uses only. The washroom will be sanitized in between uses.

·        For pick-up, parents are asked to drive up and remain in their vehicle. A volunteer will check who they are picking up and then bring the child to the vehicle. Parents are asked to not enter the Church.

·        If it is discovered that someone who has contracted Covid-19 or came into close contact with someone confirmed to have been diagnosed with Covid-19 was present at Edge, the families of all participants and volunteers will be contacted immediately at the phone numbers provided.




We never want someone to feel excluded due to concerns over safety. If you are uncomfortable with ministry as laid out here please contact so Eric can explain the online options available (prayer groups, Youtube videos, Instagram, etc.)


What is Life Teen?

Life Teen is a movement and ministry founded in the United States in the 1980s. It focuses on meeting teens where they are at and leading them to Christ through relational ministry, catechesis, and by bringing teenagers to the Eucharist. It is for anyone in high school and engages with their day to day experiences in their faith, in their lives, and in the world.

When is Life Teen?

Life Teen begins with mass at 5:00pm on Saturdays at Holy Family. Following mass (usually around 6:15pm), youth and the Core team enjoy a meal together. The Life Night, which focuses on a different issue or topic each night, begins at 7:00pm and runs until 9:00pm.

What happens at Life Teen?

Following the mass and the meal, teens will be engaged in a game or contest of different sorts. Following this, one of the Core team will give some catechesis about different teachings of the Church or about topics we experience daily. The teens will then split into small groups, each led by members of the Core team, where discussion of the catechesis will take place. This is not a simple question and answer style group, but discussion that the teens control and direct. Once small groups finish, there is a "Send" activity to finish off the night which is often prayerful in nature. To cap off the night, everyone gathers around the altar and prays together and for each others intentions.

On top of the standard nights, Life Teen has social nights, trips, a retreat, and the chance to attend Steubenville Toronto every year.

What can I expect at Life Teen?

First and foremost, chances to encounter God. Christ is what this ministry is focused around and we want to give you the chance to engage with him whenever we can. He is actively seeking you and we just want to help you connect. Life Teen is also a place where genuine relationships are found - ones that strengthen us in our faith and help us strive to be the best Christians we can be. Small groups facilitate open and honest sharing (which remains confidential within the group) and this leads to incredibly deep bonds which can be hard to find elsewhere. We here at Holy Family promise to offer you support and love no matter where you are on your faith walk and without judgment. We are all sinners on the path to sainthood and we just want to walk together.

Important Information

  • For high school teens (Grades 9-12) at Holy Family Church
  • Every Saturday - Mass at 5:00pm, Dinner at 6:15pm, Night at 7:00pm
  • No Costs (excursions excepted)
  • Lots of trips, a retreat, and Steubenville Toronto conference (paused due to Covid-19)