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Edge Model (as of October 9th, 2020) - subject to change

Edge Online - The current model will have Edge nights done online via Zoom (link sent out weekly via email)

We are evaluating ways to still gather in some way such as with Mass or Adoration (gatherings permitted under current sanctions)


*** Due to Covid-19 changes, Edge will now run from 7:00 PM - 8:30 PM (rather than 9:00).



  • Due to updated regulations all Edge nights will be online. Night links will be sent via email by the Monday before that Friday. 
  • Upon connection, Edge participants will be placed in a meeting room. They must have their name set to their proper name (First and Last) in order to be admitted.
  • Please register for Edge so that we can keep you updated about what will be happening with Edge and can also drop off gifts, prizes, and other fun things! Link to register can be found here: Edge 2020-2021 Online Registration
  • You are no longer required to reserve a spot at Edge prior to the night.


For any in-person future events (rules permitting) this will be the protocol:

·       REGISTRATION IS REQUIRED TO ATTEND EDGE! Link to register can be found here: Edge 2020-2021 Online Reservation

·        Parents are required to "reserve" a spot at the Edge night to ensure numbers are within provincial requirements. Reservation link can be found here: Edge Kick-Off (October 23rd) Spot Reservation

·        Edge nights will be in smaller groups (under 50) based on Grade

·        We ask parents to pre-screen their child before arriving at Edge. Screening questions can be found here:

·        Edge participants will be lined up outside (spaced 2 metres apart) and screened before entering the building.

·        Masks are mandatory

·        Upon entering the building, the Edge participant will be requested to use one of the provided hand sanitizer stations.

·        Each participant will have a marked place in the Church proper and Hall which is 2 meters away from all other participants. This is where they will spend the different portions of the night.

·        Majority of the night will be spent in small groups (12 or less)

·        Games have been designed to function from a distance and without shared equipment. In cases where shared equipment is required, the equipment will be sanitized in between each participant.

·        Participants will be encouraged to use sanitizer after making contact with any equipment

·        Transitions between spaces will be minimized and in cases where a transition is necessary, volunteers will organize the participants so that they are adequately separated (2 metres) during the transition.

·        Water will not be provided. We ask that the participants come with their own water bottles.

·        If a snack is to be provided it will be an individually wrapped product which will only be touched by the participant, or a pre-packaged snack prepared by a volunteer wearing gloves, a mask, and following food and safety guidelines.

·        Washrooms are available for urgent uses only. The washroom will be sanitized in between uses.

·        For pick-up, parents are asked to drive up and remain in their vehicle. A volunteer will check who they are picking them and then bring the child to the vehicle. Parents are asked to not enter the Church.

·        If it is discovered that someone who has contracted Covid-19 or came into close contact with someone confirmed to have been diagnosed with Covid-19 was present at Edge, the families of all participants and volunteers will be contacted immediately at the phone numbers provided.




We never want someone to feel excluded due to concerns over safety. If you are uncomfortable with ministry as laid out here please contact so Eric can explain further online options available (prayer groups, Youtube videos, Instagram, etc.)



What is EDGE?

It is a youth ministry targeted towards students in grades 6, 7 and 8.  In many respects, middle school youth are "on the edge" because so much is going on in their lives physically, mentally, spiritually, and socially.  It can be a very stressful and difficult time for them and you, their parents. 


When is EDGE?

The EDGE is a weekly ministry at Holy Family from 7:00pm - 8:30pm on Fridays.


What happens at EDGE?

Most nights will begin with some music and a large group game or activity. Following that, there is some catechesis before breaking into small groups. These small groups are the focus of the night as it is where the youth get to engage with the material learned in the catechesis and dig as deep as they want with it. They will be asked questions and led in discussion about the different topics. Small groups are generally based on grade and/or gender. Following the small groups, there is a final activity which is more prayerful and finally the night closes in the Church. A snack is provided every night.


Relational Ministry

An important note about EDGE is that it is not simply a program we run - but a ministry. EDGE is not about running events or specific nights, but about building genuine relationships both among the youth and between the youth and Core members. We don't just hope to teach about Christ's love, but live it and witness it through our relationships.


Important Information:

  • Grades 6-8
  • Fridays from 7pm-8:30 pm at Holy Family Church
  • Recommended Donation of $50 for the year
  • Weekly nights focused around Church Teaching and problems experienced by Middle School Youth
  • Events and trips throughout the year (paused due to Covid-19)


Edge Camp

At the end of every EDGE year, those who participated are eligible to go away to EDGE camp up in Haliburton, ON. This camp combines all parishes in the western region of the diocese who run EDGE and is a very unique faith filled experience. Information for EDGE Camp 2020 will be released in January!