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Pastoral Care to the Home Bound

All of us experience suffering and emotional pain at some point in our lives.  The sources can be as varied as us.  Sickness, loss of employment, aging, the death of a loved one or family member are traumatic events in anyone’s life.  Often we may feel angry, lonely, abandoned, or set apart.  Our experience may seem overwhelming and one of a kind.
The role of the pastoral care volunteer is to bridge the gap of isolation that so often accompanies these experiences. Ministers of Care to the Sick and Homebound are commissioned by the Parish to bring prayer, personal presence, and most importantly Holy Communion to those who are homebound, hospitalized, or in our local nursing homes and hospice. They  form a link to the wider parish and faith community in Christ.
Short term and longer term visits can be arranged by calling the parish office, 905-857-1938, or by emailing: