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Welcome to Preparation for First Holy Communion

We are very happy to share in your child’s preparation to receive First Holy Communion.  Each month, from now until May, we will share a new video lesson. Your child will learn about Holy Family Church and about the wonderful sacraments of Reconciliation and Holy Communion or Eucharist.

To support you as you prepare your child at home, we also have two family guide books for you.  Each book is divided in chapters or themes and there is a removable parent guide in the centre of each book.  We recommend that you read the parent guide first and then spend time with your child reading and discussing the ideas in the books.  There are stories to share and activities for you to do together at home, at your own pace.

The family guide books will be available for pick-up at the parish office from 

     December 4,  2021  to  January 15, 2022  during office hours.

The office is open Mon. to Fri. from 9 a.m – 1 p.m  and after weekend masses.

(Mass times are Saturday at 5 p.m and Sunday at 8:30 a.m, 10:00 a.m and 12:00 pm.)

We kindly ask that each family provide a donation of $40 to cover the cost of the books.  Cash or cheques will be accepted by staff when you pick up your books.


Today we have two videos for you.  First, Father Andrew will briefly discuss the preparation program and then Eric our Youth Minister (also known as Ranger Rick) will take us on a tour of Holy Family church.  Please spend some time talking with your child about all the things you see in the church.


Our next video will be posted on January 15th, 2022.


Wishing you a blessed Advent and Merry Christmas!