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First Communion - Update November 15, 2021

Dear Parents,


Thank you for registering your children to celebrate First Holy Communion at Holy Family Parish in 2022.  We are truly happy to have received almost 200 registrations.


Due to this overwhelming response and the ongoing provincial restrictions around large gatherings, we unfortunately must change our plans for the preparation program for First Communion.  We will not be able to meet at the church, and so all the preparation lessons will now be posted on-line, on the parish website.


We are sorry not to be able to gather together.  We will do our best to assist you in the preparation process by providing monthly video lessons.  We will also provide you with family guide books for First Reconciliation and First Eucharist, which will be available for pick-up at the church in December. 


Our first video preparation session will be posted to the parish website on December 4th, 2021.  

We hope to meet you all at Sunday mass over the next months, as we prepare together for these important sacraments in your child’s faith journey.


Your Sacramental Preparation team

(Fr. Andrew, Fr. Joseph, Eric, Patricia and Catherine)