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Confirmation Session 2 Part 2

We apologize for the wait but here is the announcement of our draw winner and the answers to some of your guy's most popular questions! At the time of recording (as mentioned in the video) we had over 150 people who had responded and 200 questions. Over the course of Saturday when Eric was recording, another 35 people responded and the questions jumped to over 250! While he recorded answers to over 30 of them, many had to be cut to keep the video from being too long. Don't worry if your question wasn't answered as at future Preparation meetings he will be trying to answer as many of the missed questions as possible. As usual, if you would really like an answer, feel free to email him at
Stay tuned to the website for details about our February meeting. We will hopefully have confirmed by the end of this week with the province and archdiocese whether or not we can return to our in-person plans (meetings on February 5 and 12) or if those will be delayed/virtual. We thank you so much for your understanding and patience.