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Session 4

Dear Parents,

We have a short video from Patricia Bertoni introducing the We Share In The Eucharist book. After you have watched the video we have an activity we would like you to complete with your children. You will find the instructions below.



Please print the picture of the lamb we have provided and help your child to write down why they would like to share in Holy Communion.

In the box on the picture, please have them print their name clearly. If you have a small photo of your child you may add that near the box too.  We would love to see their happy faces.

After they have written their answer and their name on the lamb they can colour or decorate the lamb any way they would like.  When they have finished their artwork please take a photo and email it to us at

In past years, the children would bring their decorated lamb to mass to celebrate the Rite of Enrolment for First Holy Communion.  Because we cannot celebrate this mass together this year, we are asking for your help in marking this important step in their faith journey.


Please submit the photo of your child’s completed lamb no later than April 10th, 2021.