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What is Holydays?

Holydays is the summer camp offered by Holy Family Parish for children in grades 1-6. It is a fun camp experience backed and founded upon our Catholic faith. Featuring great activities and close relationships, Holydays is an incredible summer experience for any child.

Why Holydays Online?

With the Covid-19 pandemic, all our ministries at the church have been moved online. While we hoped to be able to run camp in person (and the province has said in person camps can run) we unfortunately do not have the space at the parish. The school boards have decided not to issue rental permits as we usually would do and thus we can not run camp in a full in person capacity. We do hope to be able to run some activities, in smaller groups at the church throughout the summer.

We know some of you are looking for in person camps only and for that reason won’t be able to join us this year. We get that and hope to see you when our camp returns to normal. Otherwise we hope you trust and believe in us to deliver something memorable for your children this year!

What will my child do at Holydays Online?

We are glad you asked! After a year of doing youth ministry online, as well as ample camp experience, Eric, Aisling, and Alessia have been hard at work finding great activities that can be done at home on your own, over Zoom, and even possibly in person! We have queued up some traditional Holydays activities as well as some new ones for this summer.


While some activities such as baking will need you guys to have the supplies ready (We don’t want to be handling your food, but we will send out recipe requirements ahead of time!), others will be provided by us in our weekly “Camp Kit!” Camp Kits will have all the materials you need to do crafts and other activities for the week so that you don’t have to worry. Join us in baking some cookies over Zoom, making some crazy pom pom catapults, or send us a video of you completing as many soccer keep ups as possible to win a prize!


How do I register? 

Registration is online as of today! Payment can be made by cash or cheque which will be brought into the Church office. Click the link below to find our registration page.



Kindergarten Program

This year we will not have a kindergarten program, as we know how difficult virtual events can be for them. We are sorry and hope to see it return when everything is back in person!


What makes Holydays unique?

In one word—faith! Our days begin with song, prayer, and reflection. Campers are challenged to live out their Christian faith in simple ways, by saying prayer before meals, and by demonstrating compassion and empathy in his/her play. In our staff and volunteers, your child will not only find positive role models, but also witnesses of Christ’s love.


Session Dates and Fees

The day camp will run for 4 one-week-long sessions in the months of July and August with the potential for a 5th week in August. Camp hours are 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM.

2021 Dates

Session 1: July 12th to 16th 
Session 2: July 19th to 23rd 
Session 3: August 3rd to 6th
Session 4: July 9th to 13th 
***Potential Session 5: August 16th to August 20th

Each week of camp costs $30. We understand that no matter how well done it may be, an online camp does not compare to an in person camp (nor does it have the same expenses) so we wanted to make sure we priced it fairly and accessibly. The $30 helps us cover the cost of the Camp Kits, prizes, and our two camp coordinators. While Session 3 is a short week (due to the long weekend) we hope to have some premade content available for that Monday so you aren’t shorted a day!


***Based on interest and progression of the first 4 weeks of camp we may offer a 5th week. Please indicate on your registration or over the summer if you would be interested in it.


Counselors and Counselors-in-Training

Unfortunately, due to the nature of our Online camp, we will not have any Counselors or CITs this year. Alessia and Aisling are excited to get to know your kids over the summer and possibly visit though!


Have Questions? Your best way to reach us is by emailing daycamp@holyfamilybolton.ca and either Eric, Aisling, or Alessia will respond to you as soon as possible!